Thursday, June 7, 2012

20 personalized medicine thought leaders to follow on Twitter .. and more!

Brandon Glenn (@mcn_bglenn) of MedCity News posted this article yesterday: 

20 personalized medicine thought leaders to follow on Twitter. 

I am truly honored to be included among the list of distinguished individuals that includes such genomic medicine giants as Lee Hood, Eric Topol, Dan Vorhaus, Daniel MacArthur, and Daniel Kraft, among others (btw, I follow everybody on Brandon's list, and some are great Twitter friends).  But anyone who wishes to know who I regard as routinely reliable sources of pertinent information on the personalized medicine theme might want to #FF Follow the following individuals as well:

Michael Muller @nutrigenomics

Keith Grimaldi @eurogene

Jason Moore @moorejh

David Bachinsky @drbachinsky

Larry Parnell @larry_parnell  

Colby Vorland @nutsci

Ted Winstead @EdwardWinstead

Steve Murphy @GeneSherpas

Misha Angrist @MishaAngrist

Henry Furneaux @FurnoX

... to name just a few (how many others have I myself omitted?), in no particular order.  

These are the tweeps that feed me, and it's important everybody knows that.

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